Friday, 2 December 2011

a gift from my friend

This is such fun! My friend Anita made a little video of quite a lot of the girls who went on the Kenya Cycle – this is mine, made just for me! 
Her comment upon posting it on my facebook wall was: "I chose this song for the's the bit at the end of this montage :0)" I am glad she said that, as the first sentence is something about being sick? But the chorus is:

"so I turn to you and I say
Thank goodness for the good souls
That make life better
so I turn to you and I say
If it wasn't for the good souls
Life would not matter...!"

It's by some band I have never heard of [this would be because I am an old fart and Anita is a youngster]. But I am really touched. Really. Thank you Neets.


  1. You are most welcome! And I will get round to doing Vick one xx

  2. What a great video! Very nice job!

  3. Awesome video.....congrats girl you are amazing.....

  4. This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. Becky xxx

  5. Just came across your blog. I've had OC twice. Will be keeping up with you! Check out my site if you get a sec at

  6. Awesome video! You are one amazing lady.


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