Friday, 24 February 2012

goodbye 2011 – bring on 2012

new-year-2011_2 What a year. Lots of good things, some very bad things and some interesting things. A normal year! Thank God for that. Nothing TOO horrific happened to me or the FH. Yay.

The Kenya Cycle was incredible – for me, an amazing achievement. I am still so pleased about it, the funds I raised, the awareness, and the mere fact of doing it at all…I am still astounded. And all the wonderful women I met? Well, that's the bonus no-one mentions when you sign up. The experience was incredible.

I did the Force cycle, the Great Shakespeare Ride, I had two check ups that still have me in remission [*sigh of relief* – bloody excellent thing!!] my CA 125 is still at 10. Raised again, but one point is barely an issue. For now.
I raised funds with random events, eventually raising over £5000, I joined the BNI and am now getting work that doesn't involve scrubbing floors or painting conservatories. That's also a VERY good thing.

This year I have registered for the London Nightrider with a load of the Kenya girls – a 100km moonlit ride past London’s iconic landmarks. And we're doing the Force Century again. And then, the Great Shakespeare! So, training starts soon. It better, as I have gained a load of weight since Kenya and need it off! You get used to being able to eat anything while you're training…hmm, bad idea when you're not!

Cycling is actually fun. I AM amazed. Exercise never really interested me but team bike rides? Bring them on! Torture? Yes. But the satisfaction of achieving a goal is quite an interesting thing. It's not something I have ever really been that bothered about, I am not competitive – but being able to walk away knowing I have done something I didn't ever expect to A: be able to do, and B: be alive to do…well. What can I say? Plus there's the great fun of doing it with other people.

Next post – I am doing it again..cycling Cuba this time. Yet another minimum amount of K3 to raise though…aargh. Watch this space :)


Here we are, Group 1 of the five Cycle Kenya groups. At the finish! The five cycles combined raised over 1.5 MILLION pounds for research!  Not to mention the amount of awareness generated along the way.

Fabulous right??

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