Friday, 24 February 2012


Yes – I know. It's been an absolute age - lots of reasons, but I shan't bore you with them.
Great result – I found Bear – not so great, she had been hit by a car and her pelvis was smashed and separated from the sacrum – she had to have surgery and a rather large screw inserted to hold everything together. But she is recovering well. Whilst Lily lies about being magnificent, Bear has been on 'cage rest' for 6 weeks. But this week she is out and about [but still house bound!] and seems to be managing quite well. Yay!

Lily being magnificentLilybear in her cage Bear

Apart from that, I had my 50th birthday! Yay! I am so grateful to be here -  so many people whine and whinge about being 50. Well – the alternative sort of sucks don't you think?? I had a KINDLE from my family – wicked present! I am still working out how to do everything but it's fab. One of those things you want but never afford for yourself – thank you! I can now take a million books everywhere, without my suitcase weighing a ton :) Gotta be good – plus you can read it in the sun! If we ever get any …


Some of the lovely cycle girls came down for curry, wine and we did a lot of 'blahing' about Cuba. Lots of my friends travelled miles to be here which was wonderful – some people who I would have loved to be there, well they just couldn't – I missed them. The curry was amazing – cooked and given as a birthday pressie by Shaun and Chris – great pressie!! :)

I was given a Pandora bead…hmm, now I need a Pandora bracelet! Excellent! And loads of other lovely pressies and flowers…

My 50th birthday was amazing – it started on Wednesday 25th January ended Tuesday  the 1st of Feb!

a DSC_0010 my Olive tree plus Lily

2012 001flowers from Cath

2012 003 flowers from Judi

2012 005 flowers from Lins

a DSC_0007 flowers from the FH

I had more flowers too, but forgot to take pics! Gorgeous – the house smelt divine. Thanks everyone for making my 50th birthday a day to remember.

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  1. Happy Fabulous Birthday!
    Every birthday is special these days for me, too!
    (Love Lily with the olive tree! )


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