Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cycle path rage

Today the FH and I did 17.5 miles/av. sp 12.5mph / mx sp. 26mph [love those down hills! hate those UP hills!]- ended up at the Imperial after the proper cycling, which was amazing! Full of chirpy students and really sunny :)

Then we nipped in to the Port Royal Best to see Carlos on the way home...lots of swans there & more sunshine...a really nice afternoon. A bit of 'we don't care' cycling ;)

NOT the best training day, as wine and cycling don't really mix, but hey ho - as we are expecting SNOW we thought we'd make the best of the sunny weather while we could after we'd done a few miles. Sitting next to the canal in the sun is one of the fab bonuses of living in Exeter. Plus we have excellent cycle paths!

Which today were full of  people with kids. Either the parents don't teach the kids left from right [as in: STAY TO THE LEFT you small person! Oh, and you large person!] or the kids just don't pay attention grr - I have smashed my knee a good one today, avoiding a tiny girl on a scooter. She went bumbling casually right across the path, and I nearly drove into her. Shock horror and cursing. I jumped off the bike just in time, bashing my knee a good one in the process...the little girl was a darling - she turned back and said: 'I'm so sorry' - bless her... Wasn't really her fault - she's a child, and children don't understand about big fat adults zooming toward them on unwieldy bikes! But it would have been rather nice if her parents had explained to her about staying on the LEFT!! Stupid parents.

So my knee is now twice it's usual chubby size and hurts like a very hurty thing. I am sure it'll be a lovely shade of black and blue tomorrow. Great!

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