Friday, 4 January 2013

oo looky!

ovacome-bag-charm-01Just recently I’ve noticed a lot of people making lovely jewellery to raise funds for the Cuba cycle. We are raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Action, Jo’s cervical Trust and Breast Cancer Care.

This is my favourite so far though! [sorry girls!]. It’s a Bag Charm that raises funds for Ovacome. Ovacome is a charity founded on personal experience. The founder, Sarah Dickinson, was herself an ovarian cancer sufferer, and wanted other women to be able to access clear, reliable information, support and advice. The work they do today still reflects her vision. They provide support and information for women affected by ovarian cancer, their families and friends. It is free to join.

To buy one of these charms, you need to go to Facebook, HERE. The page is called Blossom, and the charm is only a tenner, of which 100% of the money goes to Ovacome. Nice!

In March, it’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month – why not buy one as a gift that helps raise awareness, donates money for research but is a totally scrummy present at the same time?


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