Friday, 8 March 2013

it’s THAT month again

ovarian cancer can kill

Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. The disease is Ovarian cancer [clue is in the title] and the PLAN is to make women AWARE OF THE SYMPTOMS. Because many women aren’t, and as a result, they are misdiagnosed, and lives that could be saved – well, they’re lost.

This sucks.

So, ladies, get your sensible heads on. We have a responsibility for our own health, so check out the symptoms. Yes, it’s a bore. Yes, it’s a little frightening when you read them. And YES you SHOULD read them and think ‘yikes, I have that!’.

They are remarkably similar to IBS. They are easy to mistake for everyday tiredness. They are subtle, but also, not so subtle, because they are NOT a norm for your body. Listen to your body – if any of the following are persistent for 3 WEEKS OR MORE, get your little self to the GP. ASK the question. Most of the time, these symptoms are nothing to worry about, but if they are PERSISTANT, then get them checked out.

  • unexplained BLOATING
  • FEELING FULL quickly or loss of appetite
  • pelvic or stomach PAIN
  • needing to pee urgently or more frequently than normal

The chances are it’s nothing serious – but then again, it could be. So, be sensible.

Research has found that over half of ovarian cancer cases are misdiagnosed. According to Target Ovarian Cancer, up to 500 lives could be saved if the disease was diagnosed much earlier.

“Early diagnosis is at the core of our £750 million cancer strategy and plays a vital role in our aim to improve cancer survival rates and save an extra 5,000 lives every year by 2014.

This is why last week we launched the Be Clear on Cancer campaign to raise public awareness of the key symptoms of ovarian cancer and encourage those with the symptoms to visit their GP.”


So – get with the program!!

On a more cheerful note, I have reached my £3000 target for the Cuba cycle! I have a fabulous event coming up on Easter Sunday, so I am now going to try to beat what I raised last year. If you would like to help, please donate here – every penny counts!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me! Especially my Bella :)

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