Friday, 5 April 2013

another life - another fund raiser

I am sitting here with tears running down my face. On Sunday 31st, Easter Sunday, my friend Laurel died of ovarian cancer – we knew each other for some time..she joined my little FaceBook group a long time ago. We went through lots together. She fought very hard…and it’s only just sunk in that she’s dead. Here she is with Di, another friend who was killed by ovarian cancer – Laurel would kill ME if she saw me post this pic – but I love it. She got so thin after this.

laurel and Di

On Easter Sunday I held an event at the Bar Venezia at Exeter Quay. Saturday, we went down and helped Wonderful William of Claremont Marquees to set up the full size marquee they lent me for the day [get that!! amazing!]. Without the marquee, the day would have been a lot less fun than it was!


Sunday I woke up early, as I needed to be down at the Quay to ‘organise’ everyone. Before I left, I checked FaceBook. I saw posts all over the place about Laurel. I read them and read them and couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I saw a post by Kim, and I believed it. And I felt so sick. So, so sick. It was like someone had stabbed me in the stomach. And I wanted to just go back to bed and cry. But I couldn’t. I had the event. Then I became angry – and remembered why I am raising these funds. Because this shit shouldn’t happen! Laurel has two very young daughters. And now they have no mother. Because we can’t cure this disease.

So. I stomped off down to the Quay. And was rewarded with a glorious sunny morning. And masses of chirpy people. And free cake and coffee from Kitty at Exeter Cycles and Cafe…and the day went on.
We FROZE. We really did. It was so cold. But the event raised over £900 – mainly thanks to the raffle and the live music. It would have raised over £1100 – but the evening band charged us £180…and didn’t tell us until the night…grr. Oh well!

But in the afternoon, I had Mark Travis, Peachy Farmer and Jay Tamkin – all of them absolutely brilliant. And so kind to give their time to the fund raiser – none of them charged anything!! We had a good day. It didn’t rain. The FH spent his time selling raffle tickets and freezing his butt off.


The venue was kindly donated by Medhat of the Bar Venezia [who is merrily selling his chairs to raise MORE funds this week!]. Thank you Med.

This is my favourite picture from the day – Peachy FarmerMark Travis – and me. These people were so happy! They really helped me to get through the day without bursting into tears.


Photo: Sally Ewin

And of course, the girls supported me! Elaine came down – bloody marvellous – she raised funds and never stopped laughing all day. I imagine it took three days for her to recover – and she brought the lovely Helen…and Barb and Wendy appeared too. Seeing them was a serious test of my ‘Do Not Cry’ rule for the day.



So the event was a success. I thought about Laurel all day, and imagined that she had sent me the sunshine.

We raised £950 – not even enough to pay for one session of chemo. BUT a lot of money nonetheless.

Thank you so much everyone who supported the event by buying raffle tickets if they couldn’t come, or by being there on the day; I really appreciate your support.

If you’d like to donate, please click the link below.No amount is to small.Thanks.


  1. Hi! My name's Lucia and I'm doing a high school science project on "how different cancer patients are affected differently", and I was wondering if you could go look at my last post and take the survey? It's completely confidential, and it'll help me a lot! Thanks!(:

  2. Hi could you please take this survey for my science project? It's confidential.

  3. Lucia - I have filled in your questionnaire. I would suggest you change the 'How did you feel emotionally?' header to be more specific - when? During treatment? At diagnosis? etc.
    Read my comments - you will know which questionnaire is mine :)


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