Saturday, 27 April 2013

the Venus awards!

inspirationalWell! I have been nominated for the Venus Awards 'Devon Inspirational Woman'. Startled [to say the very least] - and quite chuffed! I can’t think I've ever been ‘nominated’ for anything before in my life. How flattering is this? Very.
So, I've been looking into this award thing properly [as at first I thought it was spam!] - initially I thought it was some kind of joke - but it’s not.
*IF* I were to win this Venus Awards category, it would allow me lots of latitude for publicity etc and raising awareness. As you all know from my constant blathering on here, I am on a mission to raise both funds for research and awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. This would give me access to LOTS of business women! Which would give me the opportunity to share a lot of awareness. Bring it on.
Why not go to this web site and nominate an inspirational woman for this award [you need to select 'Inspirational Woman' from the list of Categories]. 

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