Saturday, 9 May 2009


ah Venice!! So amazing, and even more special as it was my Valentine's day present from AJ. We walked and walked - and still didn't see everything! It's wonderful - totally surreal. We will go back for sure.

Aj enjoying the Piazza San Marco

Aj and bread?!

the cats...

one of the zillion pretty bridges

Venetian Carnival Mask

more masks...

us at a cafe on the Grand Canal

I love this - it seems I am conquering the World!

This was a really fabulous weekend! Even breakfast at the hotel was cool!!
We LOVED it!!!


  1. Looks an amazing place... What a wonderful Valentines pressie.. x

  2. yes - incredible!! with life so short whatever way you look at it, these things are meant to be done! Venice was special I must say...

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time and what a fantastic Valentine's present. I'll need to add Venice to my places to see in Italy.

  4. What a special gift and so romantic. How absolutely wonderful. What a lovely holiday and the weather looked amazing. I am jealous. :):)
    You have gorgeous blue eyes - mask or no mask!


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