Thursday, 7 May 2009

Last week

Thursday, 07 May 2009

Last weeks good news was about Aj. You’ll recall from the last week part 1 post that I was a tad stressed about him having this lump in his lower abdomen. Well, off we went on Friday to get the results of the MRI scan.

The usual waiting around [and I think I was quite irritating, as I was actually babbling about the colour of the radiator? I am sure Aj felt like whacking me one], then a chirpy little Irish consultant arrived to give us the results. He was gabbling away in 'doctor-ese' about this that and the other, and eventually I had a small fit and 'Played The Cancer Card' because I wasn’t 'getting it'.

This is a new one for us girls, we found out about it in the Cancer Vixen book. Highly amusing. Instead of having a tantrum, you Play The Cancer Card. Bloody hell, why not - we have to have SOME advantage from having this repulsive disease right? Pretty chuckalicious I'd say.

Anyway, I told him that the word 'lump' now completely freaks me out, as I had OC last year and I needed more information in order to remain normal about this. He was SO kind! He went away for a bit, then came back to collect us so we could view the scan! How cool. It was a relief to see exactly what the radiologist saw [I think that's what he's called]. It’s just a fatty lump [lypoma]. Aj can choose to have them removed or not, and it would usually just be either a day case or an overnight stay. Phew! Hoorah!!

Off to the pub for us! Woop woop! That set us up for the fantastic break in Venice - no need to worry about Aj, and I had a brilliant cancer free weekend away. I am having lots of cancer free time now - I reckon eventually I will get past this to the point that I will only worry sometimes. Yay!


  1. Fantastic news about AJ.. I need to find "The Cancer Vixon" sounds a good book...

    So pleased you could put it all behind you both and have a marvellous time in Venice xx

  2. too right! I was so relieved! so, Cancer Vixen; go here:

    it's excellent!!


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