Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Tuesday [I think], 12May 2009

Last Saturday we flew to Venice. Just for a short break - which we can’t afford [obviously!], but hey, what’s plastic for anyway? Better to pay for a holiday we desperately need than a tax that we don’t really get much benefit from. The tax we HAVE to pay, and we find it, so we should find money for having fun right? Well, I think so anyway. Life’s short.

After last years 'Fun Event', Aj decided to treat me for Valentine's day [I believe his reasoning is this: I could have died. Ok! That’s true [revolting thought though it is], and I am grateful to be both alive and cherished by my husband.] - and what a wonderful surprise it was!! I read the card, saw I was going to Italy, didn't quite believe it and read it again and started crying! Crying? Uff - I don’t usually do crying, but really, this was too much.

Usually we don’t "do" Valentines, as Aj's Mum died on the 14th February five years ago. So it's not really a celebration in our house actually. And anyway, why have only one day when you are treating the person you love to something special? Seems strange, when it should be every day. Life’s too short to be limited to one Valentine’s day!

Anyway, that was my present - and I didn't even buy a card for him. I felt awful! But there you go - I will know better next year. Obviously Valentine’s day is now a 'free for all' again – excellent! [I do love Valentine’s cards and presents]. So, off we went to Bristol airport, caught an EasyJet flight to Venice, Marco Polo airport, jumped off the plane with just hand luggage [bliss! I love having just hand luggage], into a bus, half an hour later we were at our canal side hotel. It really couldn’t have been simpler - the trip was a breeze.

Hilarious side note: at Bristol airport they scanned me, as I bleeped on the way through the security – everyone was a little disconcerted, as I had a vest on, and no metal to be seen, but my back was causing chaos with the scanner. So I mentioned to the woman who was searching me [I did rather have visions of a strip search - oh no!] that I'd had chemo. It must have been the platinum. So, "oh ok off you go then" was the reply – so I assume this happens with regularity. Luckily I had my letter from the onc/gyn explaining everything anyway. Bionic woman goes to Venice…oh, and they confiscated my bottle opener! So odd, as it’s been through at least 500 security checks...oh well, better safe than sorry eh?

Anyway. Venice was amazing. A beautiful city. Incredible architecture and wonderful light. Lots of lovely Italians. I love Italians. Wonderful hot, sunny weather [we had one afternoon and night of rain - brilliant!]. I have a t-shirt tan. And my fabulous husband. And both of us full of energy for walking! Walking in Venice is a must - there are no benches to sit on and we were actually 'informed' by a person who looked like she needed to get a life [poor duck], the we should NEVER eat in the street, as it’s AGAINST THE LAW in Venice. What? Well, that made us chuckle for sure as we were eating in the street all the time - even sitting at a cafĂ© is eating in the street right? They charge exorbitantly for food and drink there - plus you pay a 'cover' of around €2.00 to sit in a chair at a restaurant. Hilarious. We managed to find a supermarket, and bought our own wine there. And I went to the Farmers Market opposite our hotel - bought fantastic Pinot Grigio for €3.00. They had stunning white asparagus too, but sadly we had no cooking facilities. So. No asparagus.

One cool thing, they are quite happy to open a bottle for you once you’ve bought it, and even give you smashing plastic cups [eek! Plastic – oh well…]

We spent our time walking about – we managed to remove ourselves from the tourist track, and even ended up at the sea. We probably didn’t see half the 'tourist' trap, as we were so enamoured of the architecture of the back streets. So we will go again - next time, self catering, now that we know the lay of the land.
this is me eating illegal [and delicious] pizza...;o)


  1. I'm loving your earrings and ring - and the pizza looks not too shabby, either! You deserve such a lovely holiday. Blessings x

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and well deserved too.

    That pizza looks gorgeous.. you could at least have emailed me a bit!! xx

  3. thanks girls - it really was so good to get away from everything!!

    Glynis - the earrings and ring [I love them too!] - my husband bought me the earrings, it's the first time I've managed to keep a 'pair' for more than a month! the ring was given as a birthday present by a dear friend one night in a casino bar ;o) She had it, I wanted it, and she gave it to me - i have very cool friends!


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