Saturday, 13 June 2009

Disaster zone

11 June 2009

Hmm. You know what? I forgot to tell you this – I am a walking disaster zone. It’s true. If there’s a toe to be stubbed, I’m there. A nail to be ripped off at the quick; that’s me. I am constantly having small crises. Usually they involve quite a lot of blood. Sometimes, stitches. Mostly, swearing. Loud swearing! And band aids. Lots of them.

For example; today I have been sitting at my pc all day. I literally didn’t move. But I managed to get a big cut across the top of my foot? Eh? How did that happen? A few days ago I was trundling down our stairs. I have been going up and down these same stairs for 13 years. Yes, it’s spiral staircase. Yes, it’s ancient [about 300 years old] but I have been up and down them at least 20 times a how is it that yesterday I ripped a lump out of my heel on a nail that I have never seen before?? Eww. Lots of blood!

So. I am a walking chaos. If I am gardening [my passion] - I am quite often in danger of hacking off a member with the secateurs. If I am cleaning – the danger there is losing a nail [not just a nail – the entire nail – from the quick! Ugh!]. If I am cooking...well, this is a joke – I can either set myself on fire in the kitchen or grab something too hot from the cooker, thus singing some flesh...hmm, choices...

The point I am trying to make is this – no matter what we do, we will eventually arrive at a disaster. A choice we can’t choose. Large or small, a disaster, nonetheless.

It is how we deal with the disaster that is important. Oh yes we can shriek and wail. We can pretend it didn’t happen at all [ok.....]. We can berate the fates – volubly. OR. We can just deal with it.

I choose to do that. Just deal with it. Get hold of it, shake it and deal with it.


  1. You have a great attitude! I must say, I didn't see the end coming! As I was reading through your post, I kept chuckling. You see, I am also a klutz, but my biggest injury is bruising - something that got WAY out of control when I was in treatment - I was black and blue from head to toe!
    But I loved your ending. You are so right - life is all about the choices and attitudes that we choose! It is imperative that we choose wisely!

  2. ee - yes, I remember being full of bruises during chemo too. And my skin came off really easily if I bumped myself...good job we don't live together

    Although perhaps we'd get 2 for 1 on plasters? ;o)

  3. I'm rather concerned regarding the piece you wrote about " hacking off someones member with secateurs"!!

    Now i'm not one to speak out of line but in my dictionary a "member" is a penis!!

    You have a husband.. you have male friends... hmmmmmm i'd be worried if i was a man ;-)

  4. "hacking off a member with the secateurs" - not just anyone's member! mine!

    As in the odd finger or toe here and my dictionary a member is 'an external body part that projects from the body'; so don't worry! ;o)

  5. Hey Sweetie - are you okay? I am missing your updates!
    I left a little present for you at my site - pop by when you get a chance!

  6. I do the same ...
    I might get upset .. for a moment or two ... and, I keep on going.

    I have not had your health problem but I have had lesions on my spine that caused me to lose my ability to move ... I did what I had to do to get that back.

    I also woke up one day from a coma. I had to relearn to walk and talk.

    I deal with what I call 'the remains' every day.

    So, I do know what you are talking about ...


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