Thursday, 24 February 2011

addicted to speed

Whoa! Get that helmet on. This evening was such fun! The FH took me karting. We were invited by Tileflair – go them!!

This is me, number 28 – about to ZOOOOM round the track!


The first time round I did NOT like it – the little cart has steering that makes you feel like you are roping a wild bull! [yes, sure; I do that all the time right?] and as you can see in the pic, one’s butt is scraping the cement. Hard – we are used to girly type assisted steering and LOTS of control in the Beemer. These little monsters have no assistance, no control and it’s like driving a buffalo. A MAD one…I couldn’t get my head around the fact that no matter HOW tight you take a corner, the kart won’t roll. It may go into a mad tailspin. But definitely won't turn over. So I was too much on the brake. Grr.

After the first practice laps I was totally peeved – I’d really looked forward to it, and suddenly realised it wasn’t as easy  as I’d thought it would be. Me, I am a speed freak – I love to go FAST…I thought the karts would be like rally cars where you steer sort of incrementally…ffft! no way – steering these bad boys is tough! I am currently enjoying aching arms, stomach muscles and a completely buggered knee [it was crashed against the steering column the whole time]. AND I had to have a ‘baby’ seat, as I am such a shortarse that my legs were rubbing against the steering mechanism…anyway, after the third zoom round, I started to get with the program. This is FUN!! Total adrenalin rush to the head…

I think I am addicted to speed…

Here’s the ‘Totally NOT Prada Outfit’…I think those blokes don’t really understand what ‘small’ means? The crotch was round my knees…eheheh. And I need a hair cut!! Helmets do nothing for one’s hairstyle as you can see!


DSC_0031I really loved this – and afterwards, sitting in the pub with the FH, I was thinking…which is usually a bad idea. But I was thinking how nice it is to be able to do things like this. To be strong enough to wrench the wheel around [WRENCH being the operative word!]. To be brave enough to try it. To have someone to do it with. To have so much hair that I had to stuff it up the back of the helmet. To know that the pain in my gut is just the stupid adhesions complaining about unaccustomed hauling and mauling.  To just BE. To have fun.  Ah. Life is good!! Cancer? You can’t stop me you bitch!

Thanks Tileflair for the brilliant evening!!


  1. Wow that looks like fun.
    Life sure is good!

  2. Well, I guess Jeff Gordon has nothing to be afraid of. Go-karting is a lot of fun. Let's you go fast as you want without having to worry about getting hurt too bad or getting pulled over by the cops. I always felt that a good attitude can allow you to beat everything. Keep living life to the fullest!


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