Thursday, 17 February 2011


…isn’t the word for it. I am completely [and utterly] exhausted. But I  am so happy – I love to have work, and by Gum, I certainly have it! I am working about 18 hours a day right now – and more if I am at the pub in the evening. It’s a bit worrying, as last time I ran like this I ended up with the horrible Bells Palsy. NOT an experience I’d like to repeat. But it IS exciting to be involved in marketing and design again; in fact this work is more interesting than any I’ve done for years. Lots of action – not the same thing over and over. And lots of interesting people too.

So. Yay me. I have FINALLY found freelance design in the UK. Took long enough.

BUT – it’s taking a toll too. I am finding it hard to keep in touch with people. I have been trying to phone Mum all week, and it’s always engaged – and then I forget to call back grr…plus I have my group on Facebook – I am sure they think I’ve died, as I seldom respond to posts any more…see here girls! I am still alive and kicking [well, sort of!]

This week has been a madness – the car needed servicing, the extractor fan needed replacing, the gate is self destructing, the cats were spayed [not so you’d notice mind you!]….yikes! Where is rest in amongst all this eh? Nowhere.

We are going to Spain for a week in March – roll on that week. I can’t WAIT!!

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  1. Oh you have a holiday!!! Yay
    Good for you! We know you're busy chic. We just miss you being around!!
    X x x


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