Tuesday, 15 May 2012


well, we've started at last! just did a 32 mile round trip to Budleigh - the same training ride as I did for the Kenya cycle. We did this a few weeks back but then went into hibernate mode. Bloody British weather – grr. Rain rain, sleet, wind…I ask you.

The London Nightrider is only 100km but it starts at 12.35 on the 9/10 June 2012 [after midnight] with a big fat hill, and ends who knows when? But with yet another big fat hill to climb at the very end. Oh joy. But we will have brekkie at Westminster no matter what though! Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain.



Plus more WORRYING. Check up coming up soon. Why does it never get easier – why don't I get used to it? I suppose because every single time, it could mean the beginning of the end? Feeling like I have lots of 'symptoms' too  - low back pain all the time, odd attacks of nausea….total exhaustion some days. Hey ho – we will see what we will see eh? In the meantime, cycle cycle cycle!

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