Tuesday, 15 May 2012

a peculiar week

I am having a rather exhausting time right now - I joined Business Networking International [henceforth known as BNI] a few months back in order to hopefully create a network for myself. Networking seems the only way to get work, so I am there! We've started a new chapter, so it's been rather frazzling as we had a Launch Day; sending out 40 letters inviting guests, following up with 40 phone calls [I do so hate phone calls] and then on Launch Day [ta dah!] talking to a billion people at 7.00 in the morning after arriving at 6.00!
Ugh. That is so uncivilised. One should only have to talk to people after 10.00. The End.
Anyway, the Launch was amazingly successful - I was impressed, as I didn't really think it would work. But it does. Loads of peeps came, and quite a few are going to join [this is because we are such a nice chapter ;) ]. So. Bring on BNI. Lets hope that this time next year I am no longer having to clean chalets to make ends meet [not that I mind cleaning, but the hourly rate seriously sucks]. And through the chapter | have had a few very nice bits of work. Yay BNI!
On another note, since Wednesday I have been feeling completely hideous. Sick, low back ache, stabbing stomach pain, head ache - blah...you name it. I hate this. Seriously. All the things I have mean nothing. And all the things I have are symptoms of a recurrence. Scary thought there. And of course, the Scary Thought wins the battle every time.
I may bring my appointment forward. We will see. It always smacks of cowardice [to me] to do this, but I am struggling to concentrate, as all I think about is cancer. So maybe better to go sooner. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and wait? Sigh. Who knows eh?
Fucking cancer. Hate the way it invades my brain, my life, my work...grr! 


  1. Sandy, if it bothers you, please please go for a check up. It is not worth the torture. Get it sorted out early.

    I'm a lurker who has been drawing a lot of inspiration from you.

  2. Get it checked. Be in control. Don't let it mess with your mind. xx

  3. Many times 'peace of mind' was worth the bringing it forward.....those are all symptoms of stress too....launch week could do it...go find out its nothing and then have a nice glass of wine to celebrate!!!!

  4. Journey-woman - thank you :) I shall!!


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