Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Already on the second page!

A second page in two days? A miracle. Really! To actually put anything sensible on paper [or stuff that looks like paper] is quite hard when you have a few interesting things going on in your ‘head’.

I am going to try to create a sort of ‘this is what happened’. That is going to be for me mostly – you can read along if you want. Hopefully my head will feel SO much better after I try to understand everything. One of the things is the Facebook pages – so many remarks spoken by the people who I knew whilst I was in hospital [or madly trying to escape…] and the FH told everyone what was going on then. He is so supportive of me. I am still not quite ME. But I will get there. The FH has an interesting life with a nutty wife! :)

Half the time I can’t work out what happened [I’ve been told MANY times] – that whole thing about ‘you were in a coma’ – shriek! What ever was I thinking of that day?  I had my Women V Cancer – Ride the Night thing coming up … it was our first one. I sort of missed it! Bugger.

And this year I should really try to do the London to Paris women v cancer – I got my £3,394.79 money sorted out to go to Vietnam but unfortunately I could not do it. But I could do it this year? Hmm. Maybe. Lot of pain jibber around at the moment. Onward and upward as usual.

Maybe as my brain trundles along, things will carry on getting better … in the meantime, I have a MRI scan next week. Such fun! They check that my head is ok. Good show! And today I am off to the Living with Aphasia this afternoon. Nice and chilled and the cake will be scrummy!

Brandon-Kidwell-2Brandon Kidwell


  1. Look at you and your daily typing. I'm so pleased, you've even made me start up again, as it was you who got me started in 2008!! Ive just posted on mine for the first time in 4 years.
    Hope you're enjoying the cake and laughter this afternoon.
    Is that jam you still have on your top lip? 😍😍


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