Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday – hmm

I was listening to an interesting conversation today. It was about having irritating people not noticing what the people around them are struggling with. And they aren’t ‘helping’. You know – like people with cancer, or brain subarachnoid haemorrhage … you know – these sort of frightful afternoon drama attacks. Imagine.

And by the way – apparently [according to our random internet types] one-third of patients with brain subarachnoid haemorrhage will survive with good recovery; one-third will survive with a disability; and one-third will die. Bugger – must be a nightmare when you’re trundling along and you suddenly die of ‘the one-third’.

Anyway – where was I? Oh yes - I used lots of people with all that kind of stuff and had no problem at all with having the cancer part. Although I didn’t have a tattoo [might go and have that now!] – if I wanted a masseuse I’d get my friend Julie to do it! Or Force.

I have many more problems now, as people don't get the fact that my 'problem' - i.e.: I can sometime speak, and sometimes I can’t explain – and all the problems that I have cannot be explained in a chat. Try that at the doctor…

And these people will simply ‘fill in’ for us. No one ever tried to remove my cancer and sort THAT out for me. But they can say what I am trying to say as I am an aphasia. Tut tut! Not a very good idea. Usually it’s a totally disaster, as I will be trying to find a different work / thing / plot etc. And usually I was getting very angry – now I can get my head round it. Which means I wont have a heart attach. Yay.

Having had cancer and now I have the brain haemorrhage and the stroke, the people I have struggled with have been the doctors amazingly enough. It’s almost ‘off you go – you’ll be fine’. Well, I wasn’t fine at all. But eventually I trundled off to the hospital and spoke to my cancer peeps. They helped me get it straight with my daktari. Very good plan.

It is worse when you are a brain haemorrhage / aphasia / was a cancer type person - life is so full of people who can't 'cope' with dealing with that.

Personally I wouldn't discrimination with people who can't help others – I’d simply walk away.


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