Thursday, 8 February 2018

It was a speedy Wednesday [not!]

Well, it’s actually Thursday. How is it that everything has to be done at a fast, rushing rate? I never seem to get a ‘chilled out brain’. Ever. Nope. And I think I had the same thing before my brain got rather slow with the old brain haemorrhage! People on the earth need to slow down … but we can’t can we?

On Wednesday I was doing things for the Living with Aphasia with Barbara. She organises what we should do, then we just go off and do whatever random stuff that needs doing.

We now have a Living with Aphasia sponsorship afternoon thing come up. We will be trundling round the Quay and then we will be celebrating our One Year Anniversary of our charity. Cool! A few scrummy rugby chaps to help us open the day. All on the 1st of May.

In the meantime I need a new JustGiving so I can actually get a bit of fundraising without having a nervous breakdown…it’s coming, but it’s taking a wee while.

In the meantime I need to get lots of house stuff into the attics. We have some chaps who are coming to paint all the upstairs rooms – the ceiling, the walls, the wood work … aargh!

Stress…check out the wall paint. Lovely and blue! It should look great. Fingers crossed! At the moment it’s all stripped and seriously looks horrid.


Off to add a few more bits into the attic now! But, that's the third day that I’ve been writing. Amazing …

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