Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter? what about it?

DSC_0001The FH and I are working Easter Friday and Easter Monday; it makes no difference to us if it's a holiday. We sort of forgot about Easter until today when we wanted to buy wine and realised all the shops [rightly so] were shut! Except for the Spar…yay them!

Holiday?? We don't really have them, as we are both self employed…as all self employed peeps will appreciate. BUT, we can take holiday if and when we want to if it's financially viable, so we can't complain! We spent Saturday and Sunday building a new gate. Our old one rotted out after a good 10 years…the FH did a totally fab job!

Measuring the ledge and braces…


The gate with undercoat – tomorrow – panel painting and then the gate will go lavender to  match the rest of the sills and trims of the house.

But today I am sad...not another one? Oh. Yes. Another one. grr. Sarah has decided to stop her treatment. And I applaud her. She has children to think about in the NOW – as she says, better to be "a mom AROUND and PARTICIPATING, not hiding inside all summer and watching their birthday parties on video at the end of the day". Treatment now would simply make her more ill and lying in bed all day.

But still. Even though I applaud her decision, it still makes me so, so sad. I have been reading Sarah's blog since my dx. Initially, she REALLY irritated me, as she seemed to be blathering on about clothes all the time. I shouted at her. She replied in a kind way – understanding my crossness. Is 'crossness' a word??  Anyway, after that, I read Sarah's blog whenever there was an update. So I feel that I 'know' her a little. Strange how communicating via blog can make you attached to someone.

Sarah has fought hard. And she has fought with style and panache! Long may she carry on I say. The decision she has made is TRUE bravery – she could have done something different. And why not? But she actually CHOSE this path.

Heartbreaking. But also encouraging – an excellent example of going out with dignity.
sarah PLEASE donate here to help raise funds for research into ovarian, breast and cervical cancers - they are killing my friends!! it has to stop! And it will only stop with more research to find a cure.
please help with a few pounds?
thank you

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  1. I am reading this on Sunday in the US but I guess it is Monday already in the UK. I had not read Sarah's latest post - what a strong person she is. I am happy that she is completing her journey on her terms and with dignity. I hope I can show the same strength when the time comes.

    You and the FH have done a great job on the gate.


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