Thursday, 14 April 2011

5th fundraiser: Top Rank Revival Night II

top-rank-revival-2 Grr – something is wrong with Blogger – no-one can post to the stand alone pages and WLW doesn't support the 'new page' function [you can do that in Wordpress], so I'm having to post this event here instead. I think the Google staff may be eating too many cookies or something…pay attention Google! Everyone is getting rather peeved about this!

Anyway! Not life threatening eh? So, Vicky, my step daughter, and I are doing one last JOINT fund raiser [well, I THINK it’s the last! I might have a mad moment and do another...] before the 400km cycle across Kenya in October. October seemed so far away last year, now it’s positively LOOMING. We have to train for the cycle now...difficult to fit in around work and I am quite worried!

The last Top Rank Revival was brilliant. We made loads of money for Vicky's fund, but the best thing was that the evening was such fun, as we had overwhelming support from lots of local people, including an entire Scooter Club and the Sentinel. If you couldn’t make the last one, this is a must, as we shan’t do another.

There will be Top Rank II t-shirts for sale at the venue, a raffle and loads of fab music from our wonderful DJ’s, Chris Williams and Andy Mic...the Original Top Rank Djs. The atmosphere will be great fun, and Ant Munday, [our BIGGEST supporter heh heh] is selling tickets at the club in advance for £5.00. On the night, they will be £6.00. Oh, and there’ll be a raffle. Vicky and I have tickets too - please email for info.

Please spread the word? Thanks!

Every penny donated helps someone's sister, daughter, mother, survive ovarian, breast or cervical cancer, or helps towards finding a way to diagnose it earlier or even cure it. ALL FUNDS GO TO RESEARCH into these three devastating cancers.

Thank you for reading this, and thanks to all of you who have donated already!

Look forward to seeing you on the night; if you can’t make it, we’ll be sad not to see you, but if you’d still like to make a donation to the Woman v Cancer fund please see either my or Vicky’s justgiving pages [it’s completely secure to donate on-line].

Please forward this info to everyone you know! Thanks!!
Sandhy and Vicky

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