Saturday, 15 January 2011

more event news!

incredible! we made it home without crashing last weekend! We zoomed up Friday to Stoke, raced about getting ourselves organised for the evenings Top Rank Revival event [blowing up balloons was frightful – forgetting the raffle prizes at Vick’s was worse!] – did the event, and zoomed back home Sunday evening. We were both completely shattered. I spent 3 hours editing the photos and video for Facebook etc, just to say thank you so much to all the people involved. It was AMAZING!! Check out this video; the rest are on YouTube [search top rank revival]:


A fabulous atmosphere and lovely people. They even brought us raffle prizes, then bought tickets for them? Stokies…they’re mad ;) Thanks to them, we made £1700.00 for Vicky’s Women v Cancer fund! We also had an amazing Table Top Magician, Chris Stokes, see him here:

Plus Ant’s bar made a record amount too – that’s great, as he gave us the venue for free. Ant Munday – you are a star!! Watch out for “Top Rank Revival 2”!! Probably in May? Watch this space…

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