Sunday, 9 January 2011


oh yes, it’s Shriek Week. one more day to go then the bloody check up. I had my bloods drawn yesterday – ow! It was a tad on the painful side, as I asked the phlebotomist to clean my arm really well – after all, I had been scrubbing chalets just 10 minutes before. So she did, and my word it hurt – she said it was because of the ‘antiseptic’. Seems it goes in with the needle? Uh – hurts! But it’s done. Rah.

Weeks are going by so quickly – I am still trying to get my head around the fact that Dad died? Is this normal? Who knows…

I am working literally all the hours that God sends. Each hour is paid badly – but at least it IS paid. I am totally exhausted. I am worried that the Bells Palsy will come back. Oh, that’s peripheral to worrying about a recurrence I suppose. FFFFt – my brain is full of worries…

Oh and regarding Dell – they never did fix my pc – I called my brother and he helped me sort it out. So if you have a next day warranty – well, forget it. It isn’t ‘next day’. Grr Dell are sending me a 500GB external drive. For the inconvenience….pah! But what can one do eh?


Roll on Tuesday night….

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