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in the news again!

Vicky joins Kenyan charity bike ride in support of step-mother

excellent – we have publicity all OVER the place for Vicky’s event – and I can’t say how touched I was by this article. Totally unexpected! Plus – gets some awareness of ovarian cancer out there. Yay!!

I must say I rather like ‘after finding out the news I went straight to the pub’ [eheh – slight misquote but what the hell – we did!!] and also being an ‘intrepid’ cyclist too ;)

Vicky joins Kenyan charity bike ride in support of step-mother

“In 2008, Vicky Murfitt's step-mum Sandhy Robinson-Jones was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Now the pair are planning to embark on a gruelling bike challenge in Africa to raise money for sufferers of the illness. Reporter Dave Knapper caught up with the two intrepid cyclists.

IT wasn't a reply Sandhy Robinson-Jones was expecting after asking her step-daughter for some sponsor money.

Instead of pledging funds in aid of her 248 mile Kenya cycle challenge, Vicky Murfitt told her she was coming along.

"Sandhy sent me an email asking me if I would sponsor her and as I read about the challenge I just thought I really wanted to go and support her", said the 27-year-old from Chesterton.

And it was a phone call that left her 48-year-old step-mum speechless.

Sandhy, a graphic designer, said: "I can't really put into words how I felt when she told me, it is just an amazing thing to do."

Vicky admits the pair have always enjoyed a close relationship, but that was strengthened in February 2008 when Sandhy was told she had ovarian cancer.

"I found a bump and just thought I had given myself a hernia from being sick a lot after catching a bug," said Sandhy, who lives in Devon.

"But they thought it was a malignant tumour straight away. So after finding out the news I went straight to the pub."

Vicky, a support worker, said: "It was hard because she is in Devon I couldn't go down and support her and my dad.

"It would have been difficult taking my six-year-old, Grace, as she wouldn't have understood what was wrong."

In the coming weeks Sandhy, who has two step-daughters, underwent a radical hysterectomy and an oophorectomy.

What followed was a course of gruelling chemotherapy.

"The worst part was losing my hair. I had long curly hair and it was just falling out in chunks. That's when you look in the mirror and you look like a cancer patient," she recalled.

Sandhy is currently in remission and is now focusing her energy on October's Action For Charity Women V Cancer event. Hundreds of women – including television stars Dawn Porter and Aggie MacKenzie – will take part in the ride to raise funds for sufferers of breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.

Vicky's dad Andrew, aged 55, who lived in Biddulph before moving to Devon where he met Sandhy, has applauded the pair's efforts.

He said: "I suggested it to Sandhy as I thought it would be a good opportunity for her.

"It was very hard to deal with when she was diagnosed and we are still nervous every time we go for a check up.

"I'm over the moon that Vicky wants to go out there too."

While Vicky is religiously training herself up for the gruelling five-day challenge, her first battle is raising the £2,800 for the trip.

She said: "My spinning class at Dimensions have been really good and it's just getting money from people."

Vicky has until August to come up with the cash and is currently a couple of hundred shy of reaching the £1,000 milestone.

And the pot should be boosted following a fund-raising night at Baddeley Green Workingmen's Club on Friday, January 14.

The evening – billed as a Top Rank Revival Night – will see DJs play soul and Motown hits to celebrate the Hanley night spot.

Vicky added: "I'm grateful to the club for donating the venue and I hope people coming along to support me and the Woman V Cancer charity."

To sponsor Vicky head to her fund-raising website:

here’s the event page:


and, the Outer Circle Scooter Club are lending us the kit for the DJ’s – even setting it up on the night. Thanks so much to those peeps! DJs Andy Mik and Chris Williams are giving us their time for the night – and we have a fab raffle going on too – plus a table top magician [almost forgot that!] – check him out…

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