Sunday, 23 January 2011

wakka wakka as usual

Excellent – most recent fundraiser DONE. Check! Hmm – getting a tad worried about the old arms there?!

sandhy_chrisPicture below is of Nicola, Debs, Vicky, me and Jen – all in the Team Shirt kindly printed for us for FREE by Steve Wright. Mine disappeared on the night with all my enamelled badges – I chucked it into the crowd for auction [as you do!]  forgetting to remove them first. Idiot…but we did make £100 from them – Primarni shirts heh heh. Class!

DSC_0045And GP appointment too – check again. Got some horrible tasting thing called Movicol, thanks to Mr Renninson. Apparently this will encourage the walls of the bowel to work better and defy the adhesions [everything I saw on the internet said it was for constipation – but what do I know? – one thing I at least do NOT suffer from thank goodness!]. So, guzzling that every day – it tastes foul. Reminds me of this revolting thing my Granny gave us as children – Slippery Elm. Ugh! Contains mucilage?? Eee! Probably we got better instantly in self defence! I am sure Movicol does doesn’t  contain mucilage, but hey ho, who cares? I am hoping it will stop the pain. So far, no luck.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly boring [and mostly totally peeved]. Example week - scrub chalets Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 9 - 2.00. Serve behind the bar at a local pub Tuesday night, Thursday night and Sunday lunchtime 6 - 11.30. Monday and Tuesday afternoon, any graphic work I have. Wednesdays & Thursdays, the same. Which is great - normal work woop!

BUT some really GREAT news!! Yesterday the peeps I did the illustration and recently a 24 page magazine to the tightest deadline I’ve ever worked to called me down to their offices. They are going to feed me freelance work for an initial 6 months with a view to carrying on if everything goes well!! HOORAY!!



Magazine: Publication-132_PRESS

Only downside was I have to upgrade my CS3 to CS5, which I did last night - cost me £850.00! Bunged it on the fantastic plastic after much thought and discussion, as Aj and I reckon it’s an investment. I am so relieved - plus the chap I am doing web page layout design for is also going to give me more work. That’s what I’m doing today, between reformatting my nice new external drive for Monday afternoon’s meeting to collect all the massive documents and images I need to get cracking on with the first 3 jobs they’ve given me. Eventually they are going to set up a drop box on their server for me, but in the meantime it’s zoom down and collect / deliver stuff.

AND of course the bloody fundraising which is thoroughly exhausting but good fun. I am doing three more this year - in March [God! Need to do the poster for this later! aaargh] a Golf Day, which I shan’t have to put TOO much effort into, as my golfy, sporty type friend is organising it. Yay her! Then another Motown event on May 27th, then a LAST big bang on June 25th, for which I have a Burlesque troupe, and two great bands. Doing that with Vicky, my step daughter. In the meantime, gotta start training [my mind keeps blanking that bit heh heh] in March.

My ideal situation would be to have enough design work to drop the chalet bashing. But at the moment chalet bashing pays the mortgage. But it can get a bit confusing rushing in from cleaning then rushing out to see design work! My head is all over the place. But I shall get there eventually, then have a bit more time to breath.


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