Friday, 14 January 2011


so, a quick post – last week I had my 6 month check up. Boring boring I know…but I have been totally stressed with it being 6 WHOLE months…even though I know very well that IF I had a recurrence, those months make very little difference to the outcome of eventual treatment. But still. Logic and emotion don’t know one another in the cancery brain.

My CA 125 is one point down from last time – it’s 8. YAY!! Last time it was 9. Mine seems to fluctuate between 6 and 9. Good for me – well within the norms of 0>35. Although that means it hasn’t actually moved at all in real terms, it’s still a relief. 1 point up or down is nothing – a move of +30 is a worry.

My only problem right now seems to be some kind of bowel impaction. Where the cancer had spread to the bowel, they scraped it – so now the bowel [a very easily irritated thing – how dare it after all this drama!?] does weird things. The adhesions don’t help. It's painful and I need to get it sorted. Sometimes I am limping. What? Er – not ideal.  But for now, I am just so happy to be cancer free that the bowel thing can wait until next week…I will be off to the GP for drugs - woo – love drugs! Brilliant things!

In the meantime I am running like a mad woman – off to Stoke for the fundraiser tomorrow…


Then back home again Saturday night so I can start a new graphic design job which has a VERY tight deadline. Wednesday!! EEEK! Cleaning at the Salt Mines on Monday and Tuesday morning…and SO glad to be able to do it…never mind how ghastly it is – I can do it!!

In the meantime; I can no longer use Skype, as the Wild Things ATE the cable to the microphone! Then this evening they managed to knock a glass of wine into the keyboard…thank goodness for hairdryers…and then, Lily fell in to the bath. Super - a stress free evening. Not!

But they are adorable, and becoming very affectionate – see here; Lily…


and Bear…DSC_0006


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