Monday, 18 April 2011

scabby hands – delightful!

Dyshidrosis what fun! I have a new 'lurgy'! Apparently it is called Dyshidrosis. Yeah, right. Very pronounceable – NOT. Very irritating – YES. My palms itch all the time and the skin is peeling off. I am resisting the urge to peel it off in strips after doing that once and grossing myself out totally. Bloody palms are not ladylike. Bloody palms are GROSS!

So, off to the dermatologist it seems? First get some stuff from the GP. Diagnosis for Dyshidrosis is to take a hive specific anti-histamine. I've been slapping steroid cream on it to no avail – apparently the stuff that works is a very strong steroid. Ffft – I don't like steroid anything. But needs must, as this is driving me mad.

It seems emotional stress may also further aggravate the condition. Well, I've certainly had enough of THAT this year. And last year.  Odd that stress should present itself as blistered palms though. Although saying that, my step daughter Vicky breaks out in Psoriasis from stress – similar I suppose. This is a walk in the park compared to what she goes through. But scarily, Dyshidrosis can become chronic. It's already spreading to my fingers. My hands feel really tight and the itching is unreal!

I've always felt that I 'get my stress out' because I vent quickly and suddenly, and then forget all about what has upset me. I am not a person who bears grudges or holds onto things. But perhaps some of the things that have upset me recently aren't so easily dealt with or forgotten. Perhaps I should deal with them. It might cure my itchy palms!

One of the things being a lot of new pain in my groin and tummy. Scarily, this is worsening. I am hoping it's all down to the adhesions. Roll on the next check up…


  1. My sympathies on the hands! I'm enduring a similar (but different) rash/hives due to reaction to a maintenance drug. Since I wish to continue the drug, I continue the rash...unless I take prednisone in which case I become roly-poly! Sigh!

  2. Listen mrs spotty hands and achy tummy - take your own advice and get it checked out. xxx


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