Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Ok good I've had a haircut so I look MUCH better. Not so much like a Weetabix. I have no idea what happens to my hair – the sun gets on it, viola, I am blonde. ER – yuck! So off I went [eventually] and had the lot chopped off.

And I feel better too – I am quite seriously considering a grade 2 for Kenya. I am beginning to wonder if hair is over rated.

And I have been cycling here and there [sometimes with my helmet on!] – this Sunday we did a hill near us that last year I would have been crying at the mere thought of it. Yay. Made it to the top no problem. Hills. Horrible. Only good thing about them is IF one eventually gets to the top, there's a downhill!

One person whom I always think about when I am really struggling is Sam. She cycles. But she also rock climbs – see her here. Amazing. She's an ovarian cancer survivor. In the true sense of the word. She is a Vice President of HERA, she is constantly challenging herself – and she has a great sense of humour. She does inspire me.

sam climbing

And the check-up went well – my CA 125 is at 9 again. A rise, but well within the norms of 0>35, so I am chuffed to bits. I kept thinking something would stop me from doing this Cycle Kenya. All the worries with my stomach. But the onc did a good check and she says everything seems good to go. What a relief!!
Now to get through the insurance palaver…grr.

What amazes me is how far I've come. This is during chemo, 2008 – note horrible wig and steroidy face. And I was always so cold.


This is in 2011, just about to do 57 miles for Force  – who'd have thought? Not me, that's for sure. I still have fat knees mind you...and now I am always hot! What a life eh? ;) In August we are doing the Great Shakespeare Ride – 100km.
Let's hope I can do the hills!


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