Saturday, 2 June 2012

back to cycling!

ugh! Next Saturday I am cycling 100km around London. In the dark. As you do. IF you're bonkers. Starting at 12.30 at night and ending at breakfast time —whatever time that may be, as it will be when we finally huff and puff our weary way back to Ally Pally!

We do a massive sort of figure of 8 around London, passing all the cool things...the London Eye, Westminster, Canary Wharf, the Emirates Stadium, Camden Lock [which, for some odd reason, I absolutely love!], Regents Park, Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall, Covent Garden [we can pop in for a pasty there I think!] – the Oval, the Houses of Parliament…on and on. We will really be doing the Tourist Trail! Expect lots of barmy photos :)

We will watch sun rise over the landmarks & bridges of the Thames! Cool or what??

Here's a map if you're remotely interested ;)

So, we have been training. Last week I think we cycled about 85 miles. Not all in one go, but nonetheless – it's a good amount as we need 'butt in saddle' time. I am still having the stupid backache, and on hills it's torture, as I usually stand in the pedals. But hey ho – too bad. I am SO going to do this!


See above for a pic of the route – it's the same as the map, but if you don't fancy the map link, there you go. And check THIS out :) We are on the Alley Pally site!

So, lots of cycling. And this weeks post has been rather frightful, as the first letter to arrive was my CT scan date, the second was a date for a mammogram – hmm. Lots of nuking this month. Rather hair raising. But it's the 'waiting for results' that is really hair raising.  I think it's going to be a LOOONG month! Poor old FH is going to be living with the Bitch from Hell.

Today's 34 mile cycle was 'Interesting' to say the least – I had my THIRD puncture this month!! Unreal!  A sharp piece of metal stabbed my tyre [last time it was a piece of shale], but handily, Richard had absolutely everything to hand – including a plastic basin to fill with water to find the leak in the inner tube. Brilliant – he fixed it, and off we went. Hacker; the Secret Weapon!


Tomorrow we are supposed to do the same run, but as it's raining stair rods, we don't think so. Just need to do one more long ride before the Nightrider though. Hopefully the weather will clear for ONE evening this week.

Then, two weeks later, I am doing the Force cycle.

Yes. I know. I've lost the plot! But it's all good training for Cuba!

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