Saturday, 30 June 2012

result!! and no, not footy or tennis


ct scan

I waited just 7 days [which seemed like 10 years] for my CT scan result – but well worth the wait, as my scan is clear. I had an after hours call from my lovely nurse, Gail [Mr Renninson is on his hols] – first thing she said after letting me know who she was is that she had GOOD news. What a pro :) The instant one hears that it's 'The Hospital' – well, the brain goes haywire. Waiting for results makes ones head a gigantic maelstrom – so, 'good news' was a great thing to hear.

If it had been bad news I would have had to ask her to call back when the FH was home. Nothing like bad news about a cancer thing to make one's mind a complete blank.

BUT! Seems my CT scan is completely cancer free. Rah!!

medalSo I am off to the GP like everyone else, to see what the hell is going on with my back. I have been wondering if I have early Osteoarthritis - maybe due to the chemo which can exacerbate that kind of crap. It's in the family and the chemo amplifies any existing problem, so, better to try find treatment now? Or at east know what to do that will help NOT have this. OR, better yet, I have a muscle problem from sitting in the wrong position on my bike ;)

But in the meantime - bloody brilliant result eh?? Chuffed!

Oh, and one more medal for the [terrifyingly manic and traffic infested] Nightrider – and then, 10 days later we did the rather hilly Force 100km challenge – so, another medal :)  I am Mrs Medal heh heh – amazed! Here we are at the end, looking rather windswept and interesting…


Now we are training for the 100km Great Shakespeare ride…argh! So, please buy a raffle ticket! All monies to my fund – thanks!



  1. Hooray!!!!! Love to hear such good news.

    And, congratulations on all you are doing to raise money and awareness. I celebrate every day as a 4 year survivor. I invite you to follow my blogs at We are all in this together.

  2. Hi That is such great news. I love following your blog. I too have stage 3b Ovarian. I'm 42 with 2 little ones and a 22 year old. I am getting ready for roung 3 of 6 with taxol, and cisplatin in my IP port and then Taxol throughout whole body. I am bald right now yeah!! But have some fun wigs. I started my blog as a way to vent and just get my thoughts out. Your blog gives me inspiration like all my sisters going through this, but again I am so happy for you....Http:// xxxxooo Mary

  3. Congratulations, that's excellent news. I think it's amazing that you're taking part in all of these activities and I wish you the best of luck for the Great Shakespeare ride. If you're looking to raise more money, you should check out easy fundraising online, I used it last year when I was doing a cross-country cycle and managed to raise an extra £150 from friends and family shopping online. Good luck with the ride and take care.


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