Saturday, 28 February 2009

excellent news!

Saturday 28th February 2009

I just had my newsletter thing from Ovacome, and noticed a good little article in there. The UK government aim to phase out the prescription charge for all patients with long-term conditions.

The Government will consult with clinicians, stakeholders and patient groups to work out which conditions will be covered.

At present, long-term conditions are those that cannot be cured but can be controlled through medication and other therapies and which have an impact on a person's quality of life.

The move, which immediately takes around 250,000 people out of NHS prescription charges, rising to five million in the longer term, was welcomed by campaigners.

Mr Brown said: "Because we know that almost every British family has been touched by cancer, (Health Secretary) Alan Johnson and I know we must do more to relieve the financial worry that so often goes alongside the heartache, so our plan is next year to abolish all prescription charges for everyone with cancer."

See the full article here in the Independant, and here, at the NHS site
Way to go Gordon!


  1. Hey Sandhy. That's a great idea. Good news for Brits. Now I wish Canada would get on board and do the same. x


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