Sunday, 22 February 2009

I forgot I’m not normal yet...

Friday, 20 February 2009

What a busy few days - last week I did a Spring clean. Yes, I know it’s not Spring ok? Most people dread doing that, or can’t be bothered, or have 'someone else' to do it for them [lucky buggers!] - I was so excited, as I can do everything myself now [our house was a tad dusty last year]. Hauling the hoover [vacuum cleaner for you lot in the States ;o] up and down the stairs has gone from being a chore to being an achievement. I was so pleased with myself, I can't tell you. Scrubbing floors, polishing floors, vacuuming floors [we have wood and carpet and tile...], making up the beds - it was great! I felt like the Queen of the World! Tarzana Strikes Again...

AND I cooked two meals in one day too! I made a great [sorry, but it was] pork roast for my daughter and her fiancée on Friday night, and at the same time I got a curry together for Saturday night [you have to cook curry in advance or it’s just boring]. Jenny and Martin arrived Friday night, and left Saturday afternoon - Jack and Bill arrived Saturday afternoon and left at 3.30am on Sunday [aaargh! but it was fun and I love them both!]. Vicky and Grace arrived Sunday afternoon. We went to the aquarium and did 'stuff'. Grace is 5, so she is a little bundle of energy and seems to drain mine! I love her, and every minute I spend with her is a lesson to be learned - children are so refreshing, they just see things so clearly and go at everything head on. It’s great. But it’s also very draining.

By Monday night I was totalled. And I really mean it - I was so shattered I couldn't drag myself to circuit training [and I LOVE my class!] so that was bad. Aj was worried and I was too. I had terrible stomach pain - very odd, as it felt like muscle pain, but when I tried a few stretches, they didn’t hurt. So; worry.

BUT the week goes on - you can’t sit around worrying?! Oh the lessons I'm learning...things that BC wouldn’t have meant anything; now they have a different effect. Any little thing becomes a 'big' thing. Grr. It’s like being a hypochondriac!! Eek I have belly ache - oops, I’m dying!? Whaa! What is that all about then? Plus I watched Jade Goody...that poor girl. She broke my heart. NOT a good idea to watch it actually. Cried a lot after.

So, Belly ache besides - my VALENTINES present!! OMG!! Usually we don't 'do' V-day. Aj’s mum died on the 14th Feb not too long ago, so it’s not really a day that we feel is a celebration. Usually we don’t do anything. So this year I just deleted it from my brain - no card etc. But Aj went mad!! On Valentine’s Day he gave me two huge bunches of lilies - my favourite, Stargazers, they smell amazing! AND a beautiful card...and, a gift. A gift! We don’t DO that. Anyway - I find it hard to type this. I am so touched. I have the most amazing husband, I am so lucky. He booked us a trip to VENICE!!!

Venice? I couldn’t believe it - I had to reread the letter and then I just cried. I have always wanted to go to Venice - and we are so broke, I didn't expect to go anywhere. So, we will take a million photos to share.

Venice. I can’t believe it.

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