Saturday, 28 February 2009

I have amazing friends

Saturday 28th February 2009

Here is another thing I found in my Ovacome magazine, on the very last page. I was so excited, I actually rang Em up, and it was such fun to talk to her - we've been in touch by email and Facebook for a year, and never actually spoken until now. We did text each other during chemo and swapped tales for ages, and it’s nice that now we did finally speak, we are both well, happy and getting on with the important thing - living life!

Emmers story is so hopeful. For a lot of young women, getting ovarian cancer means their chances of having a child are forever gone, which, on top of being told you have cancer, can be utterly devastating. So the fact that she had ovarian cancer, then a recurrence and struggled through chemo twice - but is now pregnant with her first child, is pretty inspiring.

See below for the story. [click on the image to be able to read it]


  1. Wow! that is so very hopeful! Good for her and I wish her and you the best always! Too bad for most of us; children are completely and totally out of the question; even adoption in my case but who would want to bring a child up in my horrors? Anyway, here to continued remission for you and feeling great!


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