Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More on the technology front…

Tuesday, 14 March 2009

After I dropped my pc at mum and dad's I came home to a husband who was off out for drinkies with his mates. Oooo - home alone! Heh heh - lucky for me, Mum had made a spaghetti cheese, ALL for me. I brought the casserole dish home in the footwell of the car. Stuffed it in the oven and waited for my treat. With a nice bottle of red wine [which His Nibs thought was white, as he put it in the fridge?]. So, babbling away on Facebook with the girlies and eating spag cheese - and red wine…very chilled thank you!!

Check it out…scrummo!! Note the cute casserole dish - I remember this from my childhood - it used to have a lid!


  1. i think you need to send me the recipe for that spaghetti cheese.. it looks divine!

  2. it is!! I've loved it since I was born I think - I will ask mumsy for the recipe for you! :o)


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