Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More on the technology front…gosh this is tedious

Tuesday, 14 March 2009

Well, the pc is with Pete. He is going ballistic, as the drivers won’t load and I have to get them from PC Man No. 01. Problem is, PC Man No. 01 is rather illusive. But! Once we have those, hopefully things will simplify; Pete has offered to install ALL my programs too! Incredible – this would cost me a fortune, so I am a very happy sister! He’s going to meet me at Gatters on Saturday to collect all my disks – then I will meet him again when I return, hopefully to collect a working pc. So great to have a techno fiend as a brother! Lucky for me. I detest installing programs, as they ask you so many questions that always seem so deranged…and I always seem to give the wrong answer. Or load them in the wrong order. Or something.

In the meantime I am now using two computers – one that is a dinosaur, but ok for this [internet etc, but SOO SLOOW], the other is my laptop, but that had a clean reinstall a few weeks back, so I’ve been going mad trying to get it ‘back to normal’ whilst trying to work on it at the same time. I have to take it to Portugal when I go on Saturday [for a weeks work] so it’s probably just as well I am working on it now. But the blasted screen is so small – I need my specs!

Thank goodness for the My Book thing – it has allowed me to access all my files from the laptop [the laptop has a tiny brain, so I can’t store much on it]. So, this week has been a chaos of trying to get two pc’s working, trying to work and also wondering why my stomach is so sore. That’s sort of become a background thing, as I am SO sick and tired of worrying. Now I am at the point where I just think ‘sod this, I will see at my next check up’ – check ups come round quite quickly. This time I will have yet another list of questions…more than usual, as I really need to understand what’s going on in my groin area. What ARE all those lumps and bumps anyway?

Still no word from the mammogram people. That news would be good too.


  1. How frustrating!! While you're tackling the technology front, I'm sitting here procrastinating...why or why can't I get motivated!!!

  2. perhaps you need to get cross first? I am quite cross heh heh

  3. You don't sound cross, Miss Chemo Brain! It sounds like you've had a lot of distractions this week - is that good or bad? Do you ever wonder how in the world we ever survived without technology? Sigh.
    Anyway...the mammo people? Take it like this - no news is good news, sister! Hugs x


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