Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ye Gods and Little Fishes - this week has been a trial to say the least!! Firstly - my desktop pc conked out. Secondly I have had stomach pain that would wake the Kraken…

This is not funny! No pc??? It simply died, black screen, and coughing noises, poor thing. So, I had IT Man No. 01 round to fix it. He couldn’t. And he built the damn thing!! But he managed to get it running so I could at least back up my data. Thank goodness for that. I must add that I have been using this pc for 4 years with not a single problem, and considering the amount of data I shuffle about, that’s good going. So PC Man No, 01 is rather good. BUT now I have a huge problem, we shall see HOW good.

Hence a rather rushed visit to PC World for an external drive [after a speedy look at Mappins - more expensive and NO stock?]. Yay - I now own a 'My Book' [£70.00!!] - a great drag and drop back up of 500GB. It actually looks like a little book. Cute. My Dad has one that’s a TERRA byte!! My word… Phew - sigh of relief! Everything is safe. Photos, work data - you name it. Almost the whole 500GB of data. I am now a ‘back up’ artist. Every time I do something I back it up. “Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland…”

BUT I then sent the pc [on Friday - dropped it at Mum and Dad’s, they then ferried it to Brighton] to my brother. He is a serious IT Genius. Supposedly I sent all the discs for a clean reinstall [these supplied by IT Man No. 01.] It appears that the floppy disc for the RAID is broken...ah, good. NOT!!! So, Pete can’t install windows without the drivers…I might kill IT Man No. 01. Actually, I will kill him…just a bit. So, a lot of murderous thoughts here this evening. But, good thing...my pc is with my brother, so I know when it comes back it will be perfect!!

In the meantime, waiting for the belly ache to go away. I am SO bored with worrying about every little twinge…

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