Tuesday, 31 March 2009

it’s that time again

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Funny, after all the whining in the last post I have felt really great! Bitching must be good for me :o)

I went to Portugal to work there for a week last week. It was SO good to be in a warm place - I swear it makes me instantly cheerful to be in the sun for longer than 3 minutes per month. Fabulous to sit at the sea front and be HOT! And of course as usual everyone made a fuss of me [oh yes, I am spoilt when I go there]. Dinners and lunches with friends cheer me up so much. I think it's also down to all the vitamin D you get in sunny weather - and thus I have started eating a supplement to make up for the distinct lack of sunshine in the UK. Vitamin D. Supposed to be excellent. Ghastly weather here. It actually sleeted on me on my way back from Gatters...yuck.

Also, all week I did NO exercise apart from walking and a cycle ride along the seafront [that was great! wooden board walks make a wonderful sound as you zoom along them on a bike]. So I didn't have lots of belly ache. Therefore [she says] I am convinced all the pains are from the circuit class. So I am now determined to carry on doing the class until the pains STOP. Because that should mean my muscles are strong.

Yesterday I had the bloods done for next Tuesday's 3 month check up. This time I had a nurse who really knew what she was doing. Found a vein no problem and I hardly felt it. You never get used to being stabbed with a needle, but you certainly know when the nurse is not very practised at it. Anyway, no exploding pumps this time. Yippee. And a nice big bruise today as usual - but most of the red and blue marks are from that horrid stuff they use to stick the bandage in place afterward - I am going to take my own elastoplast next time. I don’t like the stuff they use. I think my arm hates it.

So, seven days to go, and I feel ok. So much drama with my computer that I don't have a lot of time to think during the day. GOOD! Usually by this point I am having fits. Just goes to show how quickly the brain gets bored with dealing with constant levels of fright. It won't. After a while the 'Scary Thing' becomes the 'Not So Scary Thing'. Because it's just too exhausting to keep on being so stressed.

So I am pretty chilled. For now anyway.

This is Lu, my Brazilian friend in Portugal - we were at a dinner party at another friends place, Tony & Salome. Great food, lovely company - no wonder I feel so much better.


  1. Hey Sandhy!! Glad that ur feeling so well, you and your friend look awesome!! All is well with me for another three months, woo-hoo!!! Thanks for the well wishes!!


  2. What an awesome photo of you and your friend. I can definately feel you on getting used to needles. I hate them all and don't want them near me for at least a couple of years (wishful thinking). I have had too many lately. Glad you had fun in Portugal(sp). Sounds absolutely wonderful!


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