Tuesday, 8 June 2010

10th wedding anniversary all ready??

this weekend we went to Bath to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It was super - the Bath Festival was on, so lots of entertainment everywhere. AND it was hot and sunny. Really, we could have been anywhere. Dipped into our 'holiday fund' supplied as a Christmas gift by mum and dad, and off we went. Amazingly, the Travelodge we stayed at was £19.00 for the night! And it was great - quiet, and within walking distance of everything, as it's right on the river.

The town was full of paper lions, each one painted individually by an artist - we were quite taken with them :o) A bit like the 'men' in Porto, except these were spread all around the town.

We had a lovely weekend - and thanks so much everyone who sent us cards and messages! Here's the FH enjoying the sun!

We arrived home to torrential rain which is of course battering my Peonies to the ground as it does every year - grr! - ugh. And tomorrow, back to the grindstone - but hey ho, the weekend was brilliant!


  1. You look mahvelous. Fantastic and the FH is cute as a bug. I always used the term "FH" for future husband though I'm guessing that isn't what your FH means.
    BTW, put out the ciggie!

  2. Happy Anniversary! My peonies are about done, too. Not rain, though. Just warmer than usual weather has done them in. Sigh! I love them so!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many, many more.

  4. thanks!

    oops POD...

    and yes, I caught the FH term from Nat - Favourite Husband! It always makes me chuckle. As if there are a few ;o)


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