Tuesday, 22 June 2010

tea cups and tables

fairy cakes this week has been quite a week so far - and it's only Tuesday!! Stunning weather all the way too.  Friday night we had one of those lovely evenings where everything is impromptu. Friends popped by just for a drink [and to drop me the first garden path wooden slab step thing!] and we ended up having a bbq and a jolly good evening.

Sunday I worked from 7.00 until late cleaning. Uff. Yesterday the FH and I sprang out of bed [well, FH sprang, I sort of grumpled my way downstairs as usual] and spent our day off out 'achieving' stuff. First we walked all the houses in our village - it's a BIG village! We stuffed A5 fliers through as many doors as we could for the Fairy Cakes in the Garden affair this Sunday. And in doing so, we met more people than we've met for the last 10 years of living here.

One fellow rushed into his house waving the flier and came back with his wife, who is now delivering some fairy cakes on Sunday morning…just like that. Another chap, works voluntarily for the Cats Protection League, said he'd find me some tea cups - this evening he rang me and says he has 26 tea cups [perhaps not quite so many saucers, but who cares?] and that he's left them on a table in his drive so I can pick them up when I want to. 99% of people we spoke to or met were so kind and so helpful. Our neighbour, George, is coming down to serve tea! Amazing how nice people can be.

Once we'd finished our rambling [in the boiling heat I might add - uff!] we decided to try the pergola in the driveway, just to make sure it fits. Never trust the weather in the UK. Hopefully we will need it for SHADE, not rain! So, that was fun - and it fits. Happily we succeeded with this without amputating any fingers in the big folding mechanism. Then, the hanging baskets out on the front of the house at last. Hoorah! Grow!!

DSC_0009THEN we decided that we needed some R&R, so we cycled the 5.5 miles to the Turf Locks. Collapsed there and had a sandwiches and wine picnic. Then raced back the same route - we did the usual 45 minute trip in 30 minutes. Then we ambled to the Quay, popped into the Port Royal to see Carlos and Ellie, then trundled home.

Today was another rush - worked with my Furniture Chap all day on his web site, zoomed home, got changed, cycled to the Quay at speed and met Mark Travis at the Port Royal to sort a few details for Augusts event. Carlos and Ellie have been planning all sorts of amazing things that I didn't expect - more lovely peeps! Update on the Port Royal event AFTER the Fairy Cakes in the Garden is dealt with…it's all pretty exhausting, this fund raising. But also very energising, as it renews faith in people and it's such a good cause. Plus - I'm getting fit whether I like it or not! :o)

Oh, and Furniture Chap is lending me a stunning table to serve the fairy cakes and tea from…it'll have a price tag should anyone want to buy it on the day!! Check it out!


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  1. you are an inspiration my girl, and if I lived even reasonably near,and wasn't in the middle of the dreary chemo schedule, I would come down for your event. XX


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