Monday, 14 June 2010

training and cake…

Today I walked some of the Haldon Hill bike trails with the FH. Here I am pretending to be the large furry thing in Where the Wild Tings Are. And yes, this is normal behaviour!

DSC_0029 We're lucky to have that so close, and if I buy a £20.00 Discovery Pass, I get free parking [which is an outrageous £2.00!!] for a year and other sundry benefits. I needed to suss the trails out before I cycle them though - not too keen on taking a header into a tree at this point! Although I do now have one of those stupid looking helmets. I rather resemble a demented insect with it on. PLUS it has NO room for hair! grr.

There are four trails, ranging from easy to evil - but when to do it? Spinning Thursday, circuit training Monday, 5 different jobs which are scheduled rather erratically in between...uff...prioritising seems a good idea? And they have 'Go Ape!' there too! We watched a whole load of crazy people flying over our heads to plummet to earth somewhere in the forest - looks like excellent fun.

Oh, and on the family trail there are amusing things to find…


as you can see, I always take my Prada handbag into the forest…as you do!! In order to play the wooden xylophone with style you understand…                                                                             DSC_0023

DSC_0028 This year I am mainly concentrating on building stamina and strength - I was so chuffed to be able to stomp up a rather large hill and get to the top without being out of breath. A year ago I would have been crying half way up. And struggling.  Amazing how the body can recover from things. With a bit of help obviously.

So Haldon it is for training - 6 months before the event, it'll be hard training. In the meantime I shall start on the 'baby' trail and work up  my main concern being hills. MUST be able to get up them easily here, as the altitude in Kenya will make it a lot harder. Oh joy…

In the meantime I am madly gardening, for the Fairy Cakes in the Garden event…life right now is a non stop RUN!!!



  1. Your garden looks lovely - I wish I was closer so could come along for your Fairy Cakes Event. Just reading about your day makes me tired!

  2. you are amazing. I am in awe of you. You are an inspiration. As I get ready for the third day of chemo I think- maybe next year this can be me. You go girl- brilliant XX

  3. don't worry - I am tired too ;o)

    Jo! Thanks - this will be you - you will have the chemo, get better and crack on...we have to don't we? :o) It's taken me over a year to get here, and you will too.


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