Saturday, 12 June 2010

the manic moment

I am living in The MANIC MOMENT. As in - the moment never ends, and it's constantly manic. Take this week for instance - days on end at the Valance Hotel, stripping, making and sorting beds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens etc. Exhausting. Just sorting the laundry almost kills one, as I am sure the bags weigh about 15 kilos each.


Then, on top of that, circuit training on Monday night, spinning [shriek!!] on Thursday night, meetings with The Furniture Chap in between to brainstorm marketing ideas…meetings with Killer Paint to sort fast graphics [and he is my favourite customer right now - knows exactly what he wants, and how he wants it - excellent]. And of course, applying for jobs. God that's demoralising!

You apply, phone up - every single time the position is taken. How can this be? And why bother advertising on the internet at all if the job is taken within one hour?  I've given up getting excited about jobs that's for sure. I now simply apply and forget it. Unfortunate.

And we are wondering if these people google me and see the word CANCER and get all worried. Although it's proven that cancery types are more reliable than [for example] people with bad backs…but I do think the word cancer freaks a lot of people out. Well, I don't care actually - I work my ass off if I have the chance, so if people dismiss me because I've had cancer - well, their loss. Not mine.

Then there's the fundraising for Women v Cancer. Uff - it's like a full time job right  now! We're all worried about raising the money, because if we don't, we are disqualified and can't go at all.

Presently I have the Fairy Cakes in the Garden event to worry about. Only 2 weeks away!! But I have backup! Then I have another fundraiser in August at the Port Royal. Still in the making…but I have the pub, plus live music by Freeway Split [thanks!!] and the raffle prizes will be announced by Judi Spiers. More info as soon as I have it!


Must mention here that Fitness First  have donated the spinning lessons for free. Thanks to Mark Blackstone who is a trainer there and a friend - woop!! I think…;o) spinning is very hard work. Sweat literally drips off one…I have lost 9 pounds since doing all this  - whey hay!!

In between times, my house looks like a bomb has hit it, as I am constantly either gardening or Chalet Bashing…we do a gardening job on Tuesdays too…uff

And a great big HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who has donated to my Women v Cancer fund already! Amazing peeps :o) Thank you!! Please spread the word!! I still need to make another 4K1

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  1. i'm exhausted just reading this! have a similar sort of life though, as you know - fund-raising taking a bit of a back seat but not for long... keep going sweetie, it will all be worth it. and job-wise, yes, it's a bummer but better things coming your way. i'm sure of it. will try to make most of the cakes before i head down. driving straight from Scotland to Exeter so will be knackered. Saturday we can assemble cakes... you're my chief helper :o) love ya XXXX


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