Saturday, 1 May 2010

Fairy Cakes in the Garden Sunday, 27 June 2010

Make a diary date please! Date: Sunday, 27 June 2010

Time: 12:00 - 16:00, Location: Alphington, Exeter


This is going to be my first fundraiser for the Woman V Cancer cycle Kenya palaver. I am a bit nervous in case no-one turns up! Imagine that…oops. Or 300 people arrive and can't fit? heh heh - or, not enough fairy cakes??

Anyway, this is the story - ANYONE from anywhere at all, is invited to view my little garden. A public event! Eek! In MY garden? Which is the size of a postage stamp? Hmm - well, hey ho, should be amusing if nothing else eh? I am hoping it will look fab by then. Damn these English summers! SO unreliable!! At the moment it is tipping with rain. Bah. Slug City round here - I really feel like waiting out there for them with the salt pot…my poor Hostas! Although the Bressingham Blue is doing really well so munch marks yet. The Tree Fern is very happy with all this crabby weather mind you. Sprouting fronds like no tomorrow.

I am also hoping to have a few of the plants that grow in the garden potted up to sell. Solomon's Seal, Mollis [Lady's Mantle], Shasta Daisy, Cornflower [Bachelor's Button] etc. That's for the peeps who don't eat cake. Plants will be £1.00 each. No, you can't eat them. You mustn't!!

There will be a gate fee of £2.50 per person. Kids, as they're not really people, enter for £1.00 each. This is because the kids [Yay them!] will need to eat at least TWO Fairy Cakes each. ;o) No throwing stones either you small persons!

Coffee and tea will be .50p a cup, and the Fairy Cakes will be .50p each too. I have yet to discuss this with my Fairy Cake makers. Hmm - could be an idea to do that…

Please either come, or tell people in the area about it. Would love to see you! And thanks.



  1. Would have loved to have come and brought my mom, but since there is just a tiiiiny bit of distance between us...! Hope ya'll had a great time!

  2. oh it's a shame - I'll post pics for you and your Mum to see :o)


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