Friday, 7 May 2010


great stuff is rubber. they make all sorts of interesting things out of it. The best of those [in my humble opinion] being The Rubber Glove. Today I was at Hotel Valance, making beds with bedding that has so much starch you could possibly beat someone over the head with a sheet and they'd be concussed. Suffice to say, this can be a tad infuriating when the duvet cover sticks to itself [hence impossible to get the actual duvet inside it]. Then once you have succeeded to get the damn duvet inside the cover, flinging it over the sheeted mattress becomes the next challenge - impossible. Starch magnetises…it STICKS. Grr. BUT - aha! Here entereth the Marvellous Rubber Glove.

Today I took my Marigolds with me. Excellent for scrubbing toilets I thought. Look. These are they. Them? Whatever.


Wore them all day - excellent! No more skinned knuckles [three of those last week] and no more frizzled skin. AND - they beat the duvet covers into submission.

Good grief - can't believe I've done an entire post about rubber gloves and duvet covers..I really must get out more.


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