Sunday, 2 May 2010

anyone have a cupcake cannon?

After the date fiasco - had to move the Fairy Cakes in the Garden event because in my Outlook calendar, Fathers Day is on the 18th? What? Oh - I see…it puts it on the same DATE every annual reminder. NOT the third Sunday etc. Well, that's remedied anyway. No wonder I am always late with things. Grumble.

So, now it's on the 27th which is during the World Cup Football. I expect about 3000 women to arrive at my gate merely to escape the constant footy on the TV! ;o)

I will have to MAKE [or is it bake?] some Fairy Cakes myself I suppose. Bad idea…they will be black underneath. I don't bake. Ever. Therefore I have been trundling about on various 'Cupcake' sites. For inspiration. And ideas. Might make some with Hershey's cocoa in them.

But in my trundling, this is the best thing I've seen yet - must have one! I saw it on the Iron Cupcake's site and went and downloaded it from YouTube. LOVE it.

But it doesn't help with me baking some, so I'm back to the rounds to find an idiot proof recipe…


  1. you can't beat BE-R0
    or better still a local bakers may sponser you by making them free? teal buns galore and free advertising.. Do you have Greggs darn sarf? They're a North East Company and always seem to be in the news for some charity or other up here.. worth a try ;-)

  2. I wish I could come and wander through your beautiful garden! I am not a baker either, but luckily my sister is.
    Good luck with your event Sandhy! You are a brave and crazy woman... ;)

  3. BE-RO have a Butterfly Cake recipe? think that'd do it? ;o) local bakers - ace idea thanks Trace - you are full of genius ideas. The nearest Greggs is in Tiverton. 40 mins, so not impossible.

    Nat. Thanks - just book a flight ;o) We have room! Bring the FH too! Would LOVE that!

  4. That was fantastic lol! I want a cupcake cannon. Holy cow how do I get one???

  5. Holy cow? hahaha - I don't know - I want one too! Would like to fire teal ones at passing cars. Ask Sandhy? Maybe she will post us one? ;o)
    Thanks VERY much for the cupcake recipe!!


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