Saturday, 29 May 2010

women drivers - NO!!

And since then, 5 billion things have happened…the poor FH is suffering horribly with a blocked up ear. I am doing Nursey things and we are endeavouring to sort it out with warm olive oil and syringing warm water. More warm water in the ear later may help.

This week I have been mainly beating a path back and forth to the Golf Hotel, applying for design jobs on the internet, racing round chalets ripping off bedcovers and replacing them and blah de bah. It's very tiring, but it's building my stamina for sure. I now have a method which zooms me through a chalet without much thought. Excellent. But it tipped it down today, and the golf buggy the Mazzaratti isn't much good in the rain! No sides you see. But it's hot - so the rain was actually quite nice - racing about in it with it pouring down on my arms was exhilarating. Yesterdays buggy Mazzaratti had no brakes which was rather fun - I crashed into the laundry shed twice, another buggy Mazzaratti and a post. Hmm. Heh heh.

And such excitement yesterday on my way home! Women at large - you will hate me for this, but seriously, there are a LOT of stupid women drivers out there. Why? Who Knows? But there are.

Personally I think I am the only normal one on the road but obviously I am biased. ;o) So, what happened? I was coming round the roundabout, indicating left [I am obsessive about indicating] and a lorry almost drove into me from a left hand lane that leads off the dual carriageway. I almost had a heart attack and banged the horn. BEEP. Once. Then carried on driving. But the next thing, I had the lorry grill right in my mirror, to the exclusion of all else. Ok. Then, as I made a left hand turn [again, indicating] the lorry revved up and almost took off my right rear side fender. Grr! Now I was pissed and gave the stupid lorry driver the finger. Oops! Sensitive driver! It [for now] pulled in next to me [now in the wrong lane for heavens sake!!] and proceeded to leap out of the cab! I was surprisingly calm at this point, noticed a gap in the traffic and slid into it. Thus turning the corner and removing myself from harms way. In the meantime the crazy lorry driver [a WOMAN alas!!] was now running down the road after me shaking her fist. If a car had come round the corner, it would have first hit her, then the cab of the lorry. Amazing. I went home in shock. Such stupidity is always shocking.

Apart from that, you will be pleased to know that my 'friend on the upper floor of the hospital' is now out and about. Woo hoo!

Here's the latest from the garden by the way. My gorgeous Clematis and the Iris just coming in:


And anyone reading this shockingly tedious post - please sponsor me!! eheheh


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