Thursday, 20 May 2010

wild garlic

Wild Garlic

well. yesterday was a blast. And I mean that literally - I felt as if I'd been blown up! Not that I know what that feels like [thank you!]. I started the day by nagging the Women V Cancer chap, Calum, about email-able sponsor forms. He sorted that one pretty sharpish I might add. I've turned them into PDF's.

Here is the generic sponsorship form. That's for anyone to download for any of the girls on the Cycle Kenya group 1. Go to FILE/ SAVE AS - then save to your computer.

HERE is MY sponsor form - please - if you would like to, download it, run around all your friends and ask for donations! All cheques need to be made to 'WOMEN V CANCER'  please - NOT to me. I shall simply spend them all on a holiday in Bermuda ;o) Then post it to me please, or I can collect  - I shall then forward to Woman V Cancer.

Then I zoomed up to my [fabulous and wonderful] GP in the pouring rain to get my MEDICAL FORM [why's it all in caps Calum?] signed. This is to say that he thinks I am fit enough to do the Cycle Kenya next year. So, as I am an airhead, I forgot to bring the itinerary, so we had to go onto the blog and see it there [he had to read it before he could sign]. Chuckalicious to say the least. I understand that my GP may think I am bonkers. He asked about rest stops - I assured him we'd have some!

Anyway - next on my wish list of 'Things My GP Should Sort For Me' was the Botox scenario. No, no, no…not for vanity. For sanity. I don't care about my wrinkles - actually I rather like them. Character! Experience! But I have let this slide, being rather rudely interrupted in my plans to deal with the Synkinesis, by cancer. Humph. Synkinesis is a residual of Bells Palsy. It's a confidence knock for sure - one tends to pull stupid, stiff faces in photos in order not to look odd. I have all the symptoms:

  • Eye closure with volitional contraction of mouth muscles
  • Midfacial movements with volitional eye closure
  • Neck tightness (Platysmal contraction) with volitional smiling
  • Hyperlacrimation (also called Crocodile Tears - ho ho)
  • A case where eating provokes excessive lacrimation. This has been attributed to neural interaction between the salivary glands and the lacrimal glands.


    In other words, if I smile or eat, I look weird. So. It's irritating and bothers me a lot. Hello huge complex! Sometimes when I'm tired it looks as if I've had a stroke. But the main problem is not what it looks like, but what it feels like. Very unpleasant. I am hoping the Botox will resolve this. Interviews bring it out vociferously!

    After that off I went to dig up a huge border with Julie - we were getting rid of bluebells and wild garlic and weeds - ugh! burning nostrils! Three hours of digging heavy soil; came home for a lovely hot bath. Then the FH called with a job - I rang them, they wanted an interview NOW. So I merrily ripped off my circuit training clobber [any excuse], dried my hair at burning temp and rushed off, portfolio at the ready; the interview seemed to go well. We shall see. They were very nice anyway.

    As for today…well, that's another story.


    1. The smell of wild garlic mmmmmm! Good luck with the interview, keeping fingers crossed and will download sponsorship form post haste.

    2. yay! thank you! it was a bit odd, and needed a password etc. Sorted it now I think - let me know if you have any problems with the download would you?
      thanks!! :)

    3. No problems downloading the form - easy peasy lemon squeezy! Now I'll have to get busy with some gentle persuasion to raise some funds.

    4. whee! fantastic! if you need the legals etc, let me know!! :o)

      PS: are you on facebook?

    5. Not really a comment but yes I am on Facebook!
      Also, this week I met up with Gaynor. It was great to meet up and have a good old chat - I hope your ears weren't burning because you came up in conversation and we are both in awe of your latest challenge!

    6. well, get in touch on there [I can't find any name info about you from your blog] - can't believe you met Gaynor! Small world!


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