Monday, 17 May 2010

ah, the garden

what a lovely day today - we spent it like water. The sun was out, the sky was blue! I spent all day in the garden - weeding, digging and standing about looking. Just trying to plan the beds for the year. And potting up and building the hanging baskets. Every year a new type of weed! This years is quite pretty actually, a leafy little beast with white flowers. If it were a plant, I'd be laughing, as it spreads like wildfire! But, alas, I have rooted them out and chucked them on the pyre.

The FH was out front of the house, painting and sanding and generally doing lots of renovation to the Front of the Hut. It's starting to look much better now he's done a ton of filling and repairs. And he painted the entire front today! Just remains for me to choose a colour for the window sills. I really want a lavender blue, but we will see. Paint is so untrustworthy! You buy the colour you think is fab, then, on it goes and it's vile. Hoping that will not happen!

water-03The Wisteria is starting to bloom now - and the Hostas are going mad. 

So far so good with the slug patrol. I potted up loads of interesting and scented things today, and RE-potted some of the existing things - the Acer, the Rose…other stuff. Unfortunately I ran out of potting compost. This is a norm for me - happens every year. Grr.


Then once we were finished [and shattered!] the sun disappeared!!  But it reappeared, so we did a little bbq and sat about on the patio in the sun with wine, olives, chorizo and some peanuts. Then pork chops and salad - lovely!

Such a life! This evening being quite odd - I was looking for pics of the garden in June [I am always taking pics of my plants!] and I came across this! A pic of me with my hair straightened…and before the Bells Palsy…I find it astounding now that I had no self confidence then…DSC00736


  1. I feel for you..I have had bells palsy 3 times.. uncommon I know.. but I have.. I had it once when I was 19 my mother though I was having a stroke.. then in 97 when we first moved here I was eating burger king and couldn't taste it.. I had a gut feeling it had come back .. then again 2 yrs after ... each time was awful and always the same side.. I always recovered from it..with the exception my eyesight took... but what the palsy didn't do to my eyesight the chemo did...

    WE ARE BREATHING THOUGH so this is good...

    you look like Jennifer Aniston you probably get that a lot...

    hope you are doing well..

  2. THREE times? uff. Poor you - once was quite enough thanks, I have synkinesis on the left. I am still considering having the Botox intervention. Apparently it can be very successful. But it sort of took a back seat to all the other 'excitement'!

    And as you say, still here and that's the main thing ;o)

  3. Bells huh? What a pain in the face.
    Love the photos!

  4. yeah - actually it was pretty painful! I'd forgotten that. Had to have acupuncture - eek!

    I have a TON of pics of my plants - drives the FH mad. ;o)

  5. I can't imagine you without self confidence. To me you are life. I feel life and spirit when I visit you here.

    So I read your comment a few days ago I think and didn't have time to get back. You design books? I think it was your comment. I hope it was! I read it on my phone racing from one place to the next.


  6. lovely pics! especially the one of you :-)


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