Tuesday, 4 May 2010

itinerary for Woman v Cancer cycle Kenya

This is my itinerary for the Women v Cancer Kenya trip. One of the other women, Anita, kindly saved me the trouble of most of the typing by posting it on her blog. And I promptly nicked and edited it.

Day 1: overnight London to Nairobi. Usually an 8 hour flight. Note to self: Don't forget some sandwiches.

Day 2: 5 km ride. Nairobi to Nyeri

A 4 hour transfer to Green Hills Hotel in Nyeri, then bike fitting and a short 5 km ride to Robert Baden Powell's grave. Hear more info about the ride after dinner that night. Have second thoughts and run off screaming into the bush.

Day 3: 98 km cycle. OMG. Nyeri to Nyahururu.

A long steady climb with downhill stretches. We reach the equator at 83 km. Overnight at Thompson's Fall Lodge.

Day 4: cycle 57 km. Nyahururu to Nakuru. Transfer to Hotel Kabarnet. Collapse into the swimming pool and refuse to move.

Some uphill climbing. Leaving Nyahururu and head into Subukia Valley. After 14km we stop at a view point over the valley, 2550m above sea level. From there into Subukia town and then through vast tea plantations. After lunch we transfer 140 km to Kabarnet on the edge of the Kerio Valley. Overnight at Hotel Kabernet built by President Moi.

Day 5: cycle 93kms. Kabernet to Eldoret. The most challenging day.

Climbing the Elgeyo escarpment. 18km downhill. Steep. Downhill cycling! Yay, a gravity assist! [or a crash…] Around the 28km point we start a serious 26km climb on windy [is this winding or has it got gales?] roads through the forest to the top of the Great Rift Valley. After lunch a gentler ride downhill; overnight at the Wagon Hotel.

Day 6: Eldoret to Kakamega. 98km if it's dry weather or 110km if it's been raining [hmm - what's the bets on rain?]. Up to lunch time we cycle on very hilly tarmac roads which undulate through plantations and farms. Some steeper hills when we reach Kapsabet. After we cycle on a dirt track past small farms and villages and into rainforest towards Kakamega.

If it's been raining we will cycle on the busy main road for 62km. Then 34km along a smaller road entering the Kakamega Forest reserve. [This is if we survive cycling amidst the Matatu's on the main road!] Overnight at the Golf Hotel, Kakamega.

Day 7: cycle 53 km. Kakamega to Kisumu

Mainly downhill with some steep climbs. We will see Lake Victoria after about 39km. Overnight at the Sunset Hotel. 
End of ride.

Day 8: transfer to Nakuru. Free time to relax with option of a game drive. Overnight in Nakuru. Don't know where yet?

Day 9: Nakuru to Nairobi.
In the afternoon we will visit Nairobi National Park and the elephant orphanage. I can't wait! Love elephants! I hope I can still walk at this point…

In the  evening we have the option of a night out to The Carnivore restaurant [Zebra steak anyone?] and the Simba Saloon. The rate of 45USD [about 30.00GBP]  at The Carnivore  includes waiting, transport and food but excludes drinks. Like we're going to miss that?

Day 10: back to London. All this is subject to change. Please sponsor me - doing this post has made my hair stand on end!



  1. I don't know anything about the rest of your trip (?!) but a we went to the Carnivore at the end of our safari and it is quite something. I thought I was quite brave sampling zebra and crocodile but now I know what brave really means! Wish you well in your travels.

  2. How do you do that thing where you can tap on the highlighted bit and it gives you a picture or link etc??

  3. Hello

    just wanted to let you know that I have been toing wtth the idea of doing this cycle challenge I have never done anything like this before in my life but having 'stumbled' upon your site feel really motivated and will definately sign up myslef if there are any place left. Good luck to you im certain that this will be a memory to dwell on in old age and look back with such pride and a huge sense of achievement - will look out for you if i get a pLACE


  4. SS & OC: you ate ZEBRA!?? heh heh - think I'll stick to Kudu thanks!

    LH: DO IT!! I think there are still places in the second week! Quick!

  5. Hello again - lady harpenden here

    Ive done it!!!!! let the cycle training commence xx

  6. brilliant!! find me on Facebook!! :o)


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