Friday, 7 May 2010


I am! What a day. Started off ok, then just spiralled out of control. A new sign for the FH needed sorting post haste - the printer [although excellent in every other way] didn't answer his phone; I think he hates talking. I agree. Phones? Curse you, Alexander Graham Bell! Then I needed to do a quote for a logo design, which was the PLAN for the morning; that never got done, as I was phoning the printer and resizing the sign whilst trying to fix my friends laptop which refuses to access the internet unless it's at my house. Huh??

Then off the Hotel Valance for a few hours of Duvet Cover Rage and a bit of exciting racing about in the Mazarati aka The Golf Cart. I might steal one. I love them. It's sort of like a motorbike with a lid. I miss my motorbike! I had a Yamaha XS 750 Special…so cool!

Yamaha XS750S

In the middle of that a chap rang from a design agency to ask me to send a PDF portfolio, as he has my CV and likes it. He is forwarding it to the client. Hoorah!  No problem says I - soon as I get home, I'll send it via email. This discussion took place whilst I was fighting with a double flat sheet with more starch in it than a typical sheet of copy paper.

Raced through the chalets [had luck, as it appears that everyone who stayed was obsessively neat - bless them]. Raced to the bank for the FH [not in the Mazarati - boo]. Zoomed home - straight on the pc making PDF's. Click, new email. internet. For SIX HOURS!?? Noooo! Dial 151 for Instant Frustration.

So, off I went to my friends house with her [all fixed! yay!] laptop. Hooked up, and guess what? Doesn't work - well, it worked, but with 3 billion problems. NOT what I spent 4 hours to sort last night! Grr. Left, with instructions to friend to phone the provider. She did, spent 2 hours on the phone to India [thank you Madam, now please do this. Good. Thank you Madam. Now do that. etc. AAAArgh - SO polite!!], and all appears to be resolved. Great stuff.

In the meantime I have a headache thanks. Saga of rubber gloves next!

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  1. bloomin laptops, computers and phones....I spent 40 mins yesterday trying to email but my computer kept doing that thing where the little cirle 'thinking about it' thingy kept spinning. which was really rather annoying!!


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