Friday, 20 August 2010

an erratic life….

my blogging is extremely erratic lately - but then, so is my life. I am doing so many different jobs i sometimes don't know what day it is. And that's fine - at least I am working and earning something - even though it's not a lot, it's better than a poke in the eye with a plastic daffodil! Plus spinning and fund raising  - uff. Although the fundraising is going well! I am 58% of my target!! Please tell all your friends about it - if they could donate just the minimum I will be thrilled. Thanks - see here for my donation page:

This week I have been out to my 'bijou' garden in Ide - pressure washing the brick pavers. Wow - talk about arm ache afterwards? 5 hours and I only got half of it done. But it looks fab! I know that once I have topsoil in there, and I've planted it up, it will be a delight.  It's a 'hot' garden, so I am planning on putting in lots of drought resistant plants like Mollis, pelargonium and Geranium. It needs to be a relatively 'stress free' garden too, as the property is rented. Here's a sort of 'before and after' pic. Lichen is hard to remove! Makes the bricks white.


I also went out with my partner in crime, Julie, to another garden in Exwick. NIGHTMARE!! The first thing we had to do was dig out a gigantic Flax…wow does Flax stink!! But the rest of the job was ok - clearing and weeding. Simples! Here's the triffid Flax…in it's death throes…


Apart from that I am still 'chalet bashing' and [brilliantly], I have  a few design jobs in the works - one of them being DR Debt. He needs a manual - yay. Another being Feelgoodecobeds, postcards and once they're printed, distribution - and then Fingle Glen want a bit more work too. Yay - little bits make a whole…a few paying jobs are fantastic. I am also doing a lot of voluntary work - this weeks is the Cystic Fibrosis fund…poster for the event on the Bank Holiday weekend.

Aargh - in the middle of this I got the 'jumping leg' syndrome. Had to run outside and stamp up and down the patio. What's that all about?? I haven't had that for ages?? Grr.

And a wonderful piece of news this week - my friend Jo, has had what appears to be a reprieve. Bring it ON!! So far, she's nervous - me, I am delighted. An inoperable tumour becomes operable? Amazing. And fantastic. Woop!!

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